About The Team

Unique data + Machine Learning = Superior Insights

Applying surveys for consumer insight and market research is limited in efficiency and time-consuming. Kalagato innovates it to another level.

Himanshu and Aman acknowledged multiple drawbacks of the traditional market research method: the limited scale and coverage, slow speed and inaccuracy, lack of predictive power. These keep decision-makers and investors in the dark about their consumers.

They thought the market research process could be improved.

Together they formed Kalagato and become Co-Data Controller for those consumers who need detailed data analytics to have critical insights and make important decisions.

Himanshu Dhakar

Co-founder, Head of Data Science

Himanshu is a data science expert on internet services with a highly quantitative and rigorous approach, to bring truly actionable insights. Himanshu had long experience in deploying computing framework for large data sets. He also thoroughly understands the market research process to develop multiple features for Kalagato.

Aman Kumar

Co-founder, Head of Business

Having worked 10+ years across venture capital, entrepreneurship, and business development, Aman knows the way to streamline and simplify the process of giving insights for investment with Kalagato technology. Aman aims to cover TMT+ multiple other sectors in public & private markets.


Super Charge Growth Using Data