We Buy Promising Mobile Apps

For years, Kalagato has helped mobile app entrepreneurs engage users and drive revenues. We're now offering to buy your Mobile App business and grow it. You can choose a cash exit or stay & build with us, if that's your thing.

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What Promising Apps Look Like:

>100k MAUs

Android and iOS Apps


App Rating

6 months

atleast in the Business

It's alright if you haven't monetized your Mobile App, Drop us a line anyway!

Building a Mobile App Business is Exciting

Until it hits a Plateau.

It isn't easy to build a strong growth momentum for your app. We understand how it feels to be stuck, when your app makes enough money for you to believe in it, but not enough to give you a nice exit. Over the years, we've consulted several app owners in your position. We saw what was happening and had to do something about it.

We Pursue Data-Driven Growth.

Our proprietary data platform helps Entrepreneurs increase engagement and monetization.


Data Points




months in business

We understand 'What it takes'

The team at Kalagato understands consumers, can identify whitespaces and has the resources to do what’s necessary for the App Businesses to succeed.

Himanshu Dhakar

Co-Founder & Head of Data Science

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Our process is simple & friendly

Our process is simple & friendly

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We've got A's for your Q's

I haven’t monetized my app. Will you still consider my app?

Sure. In absence of monetization and revenues, we'll look at user engagement and growth to value your business. If you're confident the app helps its users and has value, get in touch :)  

My app’s growth has plateaued over the last few weeks/months. Will you consider it?

If you have some solid reasons to believe that it can bounce back, we're open to discussing the opportunity with you :) And we can always throw around some ideas to get things back on track!

What metrics do you use to value my app business?

We look at metrics like Monthly Active users, share of organic downloads, day 1, day 7 and day 30 retentions, depending upon your business. We like businesses that are doing more than 100K MAUS, 1500 or more daily organic downloads and day 1 retention benchmarks as high as 45%.

What do you intend to do after buying the app?

In a nutshell, we'll improve the product experience to increase engagement, and increase the return on the media / marketing spend. This is precisely where our years of experience running Kalagato helps.

Will I stay involved with the app after the sale?

We’d love for you to stay and help make the app more successful. In this case, we can negotiate a softer cash exit now and a long-term earnout from the business.

How will I receive payment?

We make payment in two tranches via bank transfers. Once when we sign the term sheet and the second when the mobile app assets have been handed over.